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Online Casino vs Land Based Casino:

One of the main advantages that online casinos have over their “real world” rivals, as far as the player is concerned, is payouts. It stands to reason that online casinos can afford to be generous, as their overheads are much lower.

Instead of having to invest in expensive real estate in a prime part of town, pay croupiers to staff every table and supervisors to keep a check on it all, online casinos are able to make use of some wonderful technology to manage a site with few pairs of hands getting involved.

So with fewer bills to pay, the online casinos are able to offer payouts in the order of 95 per cent. That means that, of every $100 a player stakes, they will on average get $95 back again, leaving the casino just a $5 profit. Compare that against the situation with an offline casino, where the house gains around 11 per cent on every amount staked.

So it’s easy to see why many people who have tried both kinds of casino decide to spend most of their time in the online version. Most online casinos are regularly audited, and publish these results on their websites so that visitors can see what they can expect before they get involved.

Some sites can go as high as 98 per cent in terms of payouts, and with these kind of statistics it is obvious why they attract so many players.

One of the things you are not going to find in the offline casinos is the chance to play for free. There is just no gain for casinos in allowing people to spend time learning how to play, when they are making so much money per square foot of their floor space.

Online, though, players can have lots of fun finding new games to play. They will invariably find a free version of the game, where they can play for as long as they want to and learn all the ins and outs before risking their cash.


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